Girl Scouts Lead the Way for Body Positivity and Acceptance!

The Girl Scouts just released a guide on how to address body image and fat shaming with your children and we're really happy to share! Lots of great advice in this article. We commend the Girl Scouts for taking on this topic so positively! Overall great article and we recommend for parents, teachers and mentors.

One highlight includes:

"Make sure she has positive body-image role models. Both the red carpet and the boardroom are becoming more diverse in terms of body size and shape, but girls might not see that reflected in the magazine aisle or on her favorite websites—so go the extra mile to compensate for some of the less-healthy messages your daughter may be getting from other sources. For younger girls, it might be helpful to show her some beautiful images of a women with very different body types, and tell her all about what they’ve accomplished, and what they’re best known for—their brains, their talents, their speed, their sense of humor. She needs to know you don’t have to be a certain size or shape to make it big in life. 

Sadly, there’s no instant fix to society’s fat-shaming problem and the limiting depictions of beauty that are held up as standards for girls and women. But there are things you can do at home with your daughter, and in your daily life in general, to help fight against this culture and create a better one where all are celebrated as wonderful and worthy."

Link to Article HERE

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