Call to Action - Sign Petition Today!: Book Teaches Young Children Body-Shame

A new children's book has been released, the content of which is extremely disturbing. "Don't Call Me Fat: A First Look at Being Overweight", by Pat Thomas is a book that is geared towards children ages 4-8. This book is presented in a way that teaches body-shame and body-hatred to kids. It reinforces harmful stereotypes about individuals in larger bodies and perpetuates weight-stigma.

It's vital that we approach these topics with children in a responsible way. Teaching young children body-shame and body-hatred is a very dangerous path towards disordered eating and developing unhealthy relationships with their body that could last a lifetime. We should be protecting our youth from 'diet-culture'- teaching them instead to love and care for themselves from a place of kindness and teaching them how to listen to their bodies. The approach this book takes is irresponsible and dangerous. It should not be in circulation.

Please consider signing/sharing the petition to have this book removed from Barnes & Noble stores, and to make the publishers aware of the damage this type of book can cause to young people.

Sign the petition today: HERE

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