NEDAW and 'House of Mirrors'

Today kicks off the first day of NEDAW: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. RYB is proud to be partnering with NEDA for this very important week.

This year, we have a very special song to share. The song is called…

Realize Your Beauty Day 2014!

April 28, 2014

We're so excited to announce this year's Realize Your Beauty Day! Activities are being planned all over the country to celebrate this special day. 

RYB Day is a day to celebrate what makes you uniquely beautiful

Welcome New RYB Board Members!

Realize Your Beauty is thrilled to announce our newest Board Members:

Kellie Amend (Board President)
Catherine Weingarten (Board Secretary)
Tracy Jennissen (Board Member)

To read their bios, click here.

Welcome aboard!

Indwelling Performance

Realize Your Beauty is honored to be included as a featured performer at this year's Indwelling event, hosted by the Women's Therapy Center Institute and Endangered Bodies NY. This year's Indwelling honors Dr. Leonore Tiefer, author, educator, researcher, therapist,…

Plastic Surgery App for Kids: We're Not Buying It

Our over exposure to shocking and inappropriate stories in the media and online, makes it easy to become desensitized- so much so that their images rarely shock me anymore. 

What I saw yesterday was an exception.  I was outraged when…

NYC Girl's Project!

Mayor Bloomberg has become the first mayor in the country to launch a campaign entirely focused on raising self-esteem and healthy body-image in children, and we are absolutely thrilled!  This wonderful campaign echos the mission of Realize Your Beauty, encouraging…

NEDAW 2013

Realize Your Beauty is proud to be participating in National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) 2013. This year, we will be participating in the form of a social media campaign on facebook and twitter (@bodylove_ryb), as well as a performance…

"I Have A Voice in This World"

Realize Your Beauty is thrilled to have been invited to speak at the Leadership Conference held by the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau’s Girls Embracing Maturity (GEM) Program. This year's theme is "I Have A Voice In This World" and will…

Featured Non-Profit of the Month by See Beautiful!

Realize Your Beauty is honored to share that we have been selected as the October Non-Profit of the Month by See Beautiful! See Beautiful is a movement that exists to see and spread beauty in this world. We are very…